Do you think I get in the way of him and his friends?

Sometimes when I'm with my boyfriend, he invites his friends over and I usually am the only girl because none of them have girlfriends. They start acting like annoying, college frat guys an usually act like a dick to my boyfriend. I'm assuming it's because I'm there and he's "whipped" to have me around. Do you think it's because I'm there or just because guys are assholes when they hang out together?

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  • It's because guys are just assholes to eachother
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  • They sound like those types of guys who think that being an asshole is cool and find pride in making rude, belittling comments.
    I suggest that you don't hang out with them. They seem like they kill the vibe.

    • It's hard to not hang out with them since they are my boyfriends friends.

    • Meh not really. Have a talk with your boyfriend simply explaining that his friends are d*cks and you'd rather not spend extended time with them if you really don't have to. Then it will be his responsibility to tell them "Not now man, I'm with my girl." Problem solved.

    • Thanks for mho

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  • Guys are just assholes to each other. I don't think he should care, out of all of them. He's the one getting laid. The others are just jelly