I'm a 30 year old virgin. They flat out don't like me. What can I do to change that?

I've become disillusioned and frustrated with women.


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  • if it's all women that means you're doing something wrong.
    there is nothing attractive about a guy who's frustrated and depressed.
    act cool and indifferent. smile from time to time get in the mood. don't try too hard.

    I'm still a Virgin too :P if that'll make you feel better. and planning on staying that way for a while.


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  • Keep your attitude in check. If you have a bad vibe towards women they will sense it. Be optimistic.

    • I think this is true for women in your age group but women in my age group are narrow minded, gold diggers. They could care less about how optimistic a guy is or how good their attitude is.

    • I lived with a negative bf for 8 long years. he is ex now, but attitude is important. There aren't many guys your age that are rich. Only shallow, slutty women seek money.

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  • in some ways i'm kinda jealous, envious of how women are valued for their youth more than men are

  • If they don't like you, they don't deserve you so find someone that likes you for who you are and that you won't tell you to change your personality for them