Why didn't he say he had a gf?

I like this guy at work. i kinda of acted interested in him the other day. we talked but he never mentioned he had a gf even though he could have with the topics we discussed. since then, he's walked by me less often and hasn't texted me even though we exchanged numbers. then i heard from a co worker he thinks i'm attractive but has a gf. why wouldn't he have mentioned that? he said things like "i have no problem approaching girls now"


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  • He's interested. Similar thing happened to me. I talked to this girl for months and not once did she mention she had a bf but she talked to other guys about him. The moment they broke up she made a move on me. He's interested if he is keeping his gf from you.


What Girls Said 1

  • When a guy wants to flirt they don't wanna miss out chances of impressing their target. He probably wanted to impress you which you are and sent a mediator to let you know that he "thinks " you're good looking ( um.. why couldn't he tell you that directly?). My suggestion. Stayed away from him since it's clear that he has a gf.