Best way to tell a guy you like him?

So I like this guy. He's a sophomore I'm a freshman (please don't make any comments about how I'm young and should be focusing on school. I am its almost the end of the year which is why I'm asking this question.)
and we both threw discus for the the track team. But since track season is over the only time I see him is strength training class and we don't really talk in that class. So how should I tell him?

Ik this sounds stupid but I was thinking of writing this in his yearbook:

Hey _____
Hope you have a great summer!
I probably should have told you this during the school year, but I really like you. If it makes things weird, pretend this isn't here. If it doesn't let me know and we can go see a movie or something.
Text me! 😛

Would that be a good idea? Or no.


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  • u put it very nice... upvotes!! ;-)


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  • Sounds reasonable.

    What if he never checks those things in his yearbook though? Probably best to Just go up to him in weightlifting and tell him you like him.

  • Lol, yearbooks. That's cute, good memories.

    Just tell him "you're hot, let's get together this summer" Fuck all this play-around-games and shit. Just say what is on your mind.


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  • "I like you"
    Because they are kinda oblivious
    Be prepared for rejection
    My advice sucks

  • maybe just text him or tell him in person it can be scary but its better then wondering what would have happened but i wouldn't recommend it putting it on a year book but either way best of luck

  • That seems like a good idea, but what if he doesn't read those things? I think that it will be better if you told him how you feel face to face, or you can ask him to go somewhere with you, see how things go when you're alone with him and then tell him.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

  • Just come right out and tell him