Are you attracted to women with their own careers?

More women are entering the work force and deciding to pursue the STEM fields.

Are you attracted to women with their own careers? Would you date a woman in a male-dominated field?


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  • I have respect for any woman who knows what she wants to do with her life and also how to achieve her goals.


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  • Sure, eventually there will be a more democratic society resulting from this, though we're still a long way from that.

  • I am! I love a driven woman! That's the type of woman I want to date, so we can build an empire together. :)

  • Men dont care about your career or education for the most part. I more care if she's a ho and if she can cook and if she doesn't bitch too much.

    • So a woman who can cook and hardly speaks is more valuable to you as a partner than a well-educated woman? Interesting.

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    • Your misogyny astounds me. You have stated that your interest in women lies only in what benefits you. Ergo, children and keeping house. Also your spelling is horrendous.

    • Eh im on my phone and I said nothing misogynistic. What matters to me in a friendship and a relationship are different. Yes why would anything about a partner matter to me if it doesn't benifit me. that makes no sense.

  • My attraction for a woman has nothing to do with her career. Only her looks and personality.

    • Would you be put off by a woman who is career-minded?

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    • Would you encourage your partner to pursue her professional goals even if they interfered with your own?

    • Sure. If it winds up being a net positive for the both of us, then why not.

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