Does my mind want her?

Me and my girlfriend have been going out for a while and things are pretty good. There are few problems. But recently I have been having dreams and I don't know what they mean. But anyway the dreams I've been having are of me and her best friend having sex. She is attractive but never in my mind have I ever thought about banging her. It was one of those dreams that feel so real. I would wak up from it like it was a nightmare. Then my girlfriend would wake up and ask am I alright and I would be startled because I wasn't sure if it was her or her best friend. I have had these dreams twice. Every time we go out now with friends I always keep my distance from her best friend. Does my mind secretly want her? What does this mean need answer?


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  • there's a saying that we dream of those who miss us or those thinking about us...


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  • Ehh, our dreams are weird. And when we dwell on them they tend to repeat I find. Just go about your day as per normal and try to not think about it.