Why does playing hard to get work?

I've noticed if a guy is interested in me and I pursue him he backs off a little bit, but then I got with a guy who pursed me like I did previously with the other guy, and I started backing off as well. I felt a bit smothered and I figured the first guy must have felt that way when I was being all forward. Do you feel the same way if you're aggressively persued, and what can you do to keep them interested?


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  • I feel that women have a misconception about the whole playing "hard to get". It's not that playing hard to get works... it's that those women have standards of what they want in a relationship and won't settle for less.

    That means no sex, just because. No sex to "entice" the guy doesn't work, you just get labeled as a side chick or booty call most of the time. If you want men to take you seriously, you have to take yourself, your self-worth, and your wants in a relationship seriously as well. Lay out what you want clearly, if he is truly interested in you he will respect your decisions of waiting for sex. I feel that people are suppose to get to know each other before jumping the gun... it just depends what you are looking for.


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  • It never works with me, I feel like a creep going after a girl who hasn't given me some indication she's interested and usually if she hasn't indicated she's interested I wind up getting rejected anyways so I rarely bother unless it feels mutual.

  • I don't know it definitely doesn't work with me. I really need a girl to show that she likes me in order for me to feel comfortable pursuing her. I mean, i dont wanna always be trying to get with someone if i feel like they dont wanna get with me.


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