I suffer from a sex addiction but this guy likes me and?

This is the whole background. This guy who likes me, we will call him benji, attends the same church that I use to go to before I decided to attend a different one. I was dating this guy, we will call him Jay, back in October of last year. Jay and I ended up breaking up (Jay also attends this church). Benji and I were talking after church one day and he told me that a year prior to Jay and I dating that he went to pick up Benjis girlfriend and had sex with her then Jay lied to Benjis face when Benji confronted him about the rumors. Benji and I began talking and he expressed that he has feelings for me. Would it be messed up if I were to take things to the next step with Benji? I am unsure right now if that is going to happen, it is just a thought because I have a lot of things going on in my life and a relationship is the last thing I am really looking for. In addition Benji has also expressed that he does not believes in premarital sex and I do not believe in waiting till marriage. I suffer from a sex addiction which he does not know about and I don't plan on telling him either but does that make me shallow because him not having an intimate relationship with me at some point is a deal breaker?


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  • You had me at "a relationship is the last thing I am really looking for." Wait until you're actually interested yourself.

    PS - wanting sex before marriage is pretty darn sensible, as far as I'm concerned. And you'll be unhappy if your sexual needs don't mesh well.


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  • So basically you have high sex drive and he's not interested in having sex anytime soon. Incompatible. The end. Look for someone else is my advice.

    • And one more thing: when looking for someone else try elsewhere than a church. Maybe it's just me but I doubt there are many guys there that would embrace your sexuality :)

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    • Sure, go ahead :)

    • It won't allow me to because of your privacy settings

  • not at all since its one of your needs and he should be accepting you for who you are (as long as you dont cheat its fine to e a sex addict) I personally wouldn't trust you one bit if I knew and would steer clear of you sorry to be so blunt. It seems like your beiefs and his counter each other too much so its recipe for disaster

    • I don't cheat at all. But I agree

    • still wouldn't trust you... sorry but you shoudl find someone whos in your same page

  • You all people are Messed up and shallow... for a church going people...
    Do whatever you want i see no happy ending here... To hell with you!!!


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