Should I.....?

so I have liked this guy for a couple of months now. and I'm pretty sure he likes me to, he's always touching my hands and he even told me that he thought that I was pretty..and I want to take it to the next step. so I was thinking if I should just go up to him when we're alone and say "i like you a lot, and I think you should kiss me" ? or is that just a stupid idea

thanks for the help!


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  • Bad idea if say that out of the blue he wouldn't know how to react and it will bomb bad just hang out with him more and have fun


What Girls Said 1

  • haha how about not making it awkward! just hang out... if its ment to happen it just will.. don't ask him to kiss you.. hang out be your self and he will proabaly just want to kiss you. guys are strange that way,.. you don't want to scare him off... I think becauase he shows affection to you that he will like you but you have to take things slow... me and my guy didn't do anything for along time we were just best friends. and when things happened they just did its comeplty natural. don't rush things enjoy the moment!