Girl called me homie?

A couple of weeks ago I went with this girl to the park. Things seemed to go great and we were there for over three hours. The next day, I called her and she was pretty excited and said that she wanted to go somewhere the next weekend. A couple of days later, I proceeded to ask her out and she said she would see. I then get a text saying she could not go and I responded that is fine. She then said "maybe another day." I knew this was not a good sign. Anyways, we still texted, but the texting rate dropped. However, today she called me homie in a text. Can anybody make sense of this?


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  • Maybe, she just wants to be friends. Maybe, she wants to get to know you more before actually going on a date with you and evaluate you a little more, ya know? It could be that she really did have a prior commitment and that she has been busier and therefore not texting as much. You can ask me for signs she likes you, if you're unsure.


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  • two words "friendzone"