How to act on first date with best friend?

So my best guy friend and I are hanging out after a year of not talking since he was out of state. He moved back here a few days ago and messaged me asking if I wanted to hang out and go to dinner and a concert at a bar after. We both had feelings for each other last time we talked to I'm kind of treating this as a date (he's single). The thing is I have no idea how to act or what to wear etc... I haven't been out with a guy in a long time and I am extra nervous since I haven't seen him in so long. Does anyone have any tips of what to wear or how to act when we go out? My main concern is dinner convo since we haven't seen each other in a year. Any advice would be much appreciated!!!


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  • Don't try too hard. Never rehearse how you will act. Take things slow and enjoy every moment. If you press and overthink it you will not have a spontaneous and good time. Chill


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  • Aww how cute! man you guys should have no trouble talking... all the catch up you guys will have., Just have FUN :)