Is it bad I rescheduled our first date?

is it bad i rescheduled our firrst date so i could sleep more? i didn't tell her i was going back to sleep


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  • You're an idiot. Dependability is an extremely attractive trait and you just dug a big, big hole in that department.

    Before my second date with the girl I've been seeing the water went out at my place (happens in dead of winter sometimes, it was like -10 in Chicago) but I'm not going to call her 2 hours before the date this early in the relationship so I grabbed my clothes and drove to the gym and made it happen. Got to the restaurant a few minutes early even.

    It just makes you look uninterested in the girl.


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  • BAD. Its depends, how is your relationship between you two. If you already friend or close friend with her, then it could be not that bad. But, if you just meet her and want to date her. It very bad. She will think that you are not serious with her, or she will think that you not really interest in her.


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  • In general, it's best if you don't do that. How far ahead of time did you reschedule it? Did you postpone it by a few hours, few days, etc?

    • few hours >_>

    • Personally my cut off is 3 hours. Once I'm inside that, I figure she's already starting to get ready and excited and the only way I'm changing plans is something insane like a car accident.

    • That's probably not the best idea, especially for the first date. Next time, try to schedule the date for a day/time that you know for sure will work for your schedule. You don't want the girl to feel like you're disrespecting her.