Am I being paranoid?

Hey guys. I went on a date on Wednesday night with this lovely guy I met last year. It was the best date we've gone on thus far to be honest. Anyway he made move on me whilst in his car and kissed me (I spoiled the moment near the end though). Then when he dropped me home I went to hug him and we kissed again, this time I didn't spoil the moment, I just relaxed and enjoyed. He said good night afterwards and I went home. I'm always worried that he didn't enjoy it. I mean on my part I couldn't really fault it. It's just cos he never says anything afterwards that's worrying. Am I being paranoid? I mean if he didn't enjoy I'm sure he wouldn't have tried again unless he was trying to teach me?

When I say I spoilt the moment I mean, I started talking


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  • "I'm always worried that he didn't enjoy it."<---- if he didn't enjoy it... then he'd not make a move on u when he was in his car basically...;-)

    • Lol makes sense, thank you 😊

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  • Lol. "trying to teach". No, i think he really likes u and that's why he kissed u again.

  • Trust me if I didn't like a girl I wouldn't kiss them so their's a 95% chance your in. Could you help me out with my questions?

  • first kisses are always very awkward... to me at least.. the good thing is they will get better :D

    • Thank you. Wasn't the first kiss though lol. The first time we kissed my heart was beating fast and all sorts.

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