Is it really that important?

Would you ever date someone who you had nothing in common with? Do you think that you would have nothing to talk to them about? Do you think that you could learn a lot from them, as they do things you don't?

Feel free to go wild, I'm just curious...


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  • I actually married someone I have nothing in common with. He likes rock music, the city life, brand name clothes and concerts. I love foods from far away places, I'd rather fish and I never make fashion statements. From day one we haven't had a single thing in common but we indeed have learned a lot from one another. Now we eat sushi together, visit the lake together and I have new favorite songs. Not to mention I own at least three pairs of high heels and on occasion I'll wear clothing from a designer I can barely pronounce. The sex is awsome too. We have things we can do together and things we can do on our own. It really works!


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  • Well, I think there needs to be some common ground, to be honest. My boyfriend and I are opposite in the way we act and talk, and even the way we grew up is different, but a lot of our interests are the same, and that gives us some middle ground and allows us to have a good time together. I would think that if you had absolutely nothing in common, the relationship would most likely crumble, but it is possible that not having anything in common could strengthen it as well, like maybe it will open new doors and allow one to see things from a different perspective. Maybe each person in that relationship would also learn new things about themselves, as well. I think it could go either way, and that it depends on the people and how open they are to new things.

  • i LOVE dating a guy who is totally different then me personality wise. if I dated someone with my personality (although I do like my personality, I realize I am very fiesty and can be hard to deal with) so I'd be MISERABLE with someone like me hahaha. also, I love to learn new stuff from them and step "out of my element" so to speak. its very interesting and so much fun!


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