Relationship in trouble?

Me and my man have been together 2yrs we have talked about marriage... he has asked my mom's permission... I know his family. Me & him get along great... I can trust him we tell each other everything... We love each other. Here is the issue he doesn't ever really initiate sex... when I do he just kind of blows it off. Shoot even when I try to make it with him I have to practically force him to French kiss the very rare times we do always leads to very passionate sex but he barely ever French kisses me. Just a regular non passionate kiss sometimes cute... I know he ain't cheating he is either work or with me. Plus he ain't that guy. We have talked about this and he is like I love you I think your beautiful I'm gonna tear your ass up (which doesn't happen). So what's the deal... please help because this is frustrating and it hurts.


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  • It may be that he's never admitted it to himself but he likes boys instead of girls. Why else would a young guy who is not fooling around regularly turn down the offer of hot sex? Unless he has a medical problem that is affecting his libido. Has he had a good physical exam that includes a check of his testosterone level?


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