Things weren't going anywhere with girl now she's upset I'm interested in one of her friends?

i've known this girl for a little while but things haven't really gone anywhere and she had planty of chances to do something about it. so we never actualy dated in the sense but we see a lot of each other at local pub and i have talked to her there quite a few times. but on Friday this other girl was with her group and i found her really attrative and haven't really even meet her before but wanted to that night but this girl kept giving me evil eye and looked over in disgust over whole idea. but i'm annoyed cause things never even went anywhere with her but she's upset i want to meet the new girl


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  • Well it's not just up to her to make a relationship happen with you, it's on both parties.

    However, seeing as you two did have some sort of chemistry that she was clearly aware of, going after one of her friends is not only in poor manners, you are likely going to be labelled a dog and she'll make sure that girl friend of hers knows. You can't date within your original interest's friend group without totally pissing off your original interest and causing severe drama - it's just one of the taboos of dating etiquette.


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  • then she likes u... otherwise i see no point being upset basically...:-)

    • I felt she liked me , things just never went anywhere and she made no effort to stay in touch with me

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