How to spot a catfish?

I've been told there are a lot of fake profiles, especially on OKC and other free sites. What are some tip offs someone your messaging with is not who they say they are or not being genuine?

Obviously if they keep making excuses to meet in person this should be a good indicator something is up. What other things should you look for?


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  • Ask for their phone number... Any normal person that was interested in talking to you would give you their number...


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  • if he/she is typically attractive (4 the general public) CHANCES r he/she is

    not 100% accurate... but as i said... chances r he/she is basically

    • I think that probably holds up for people who area 9 or 10 but are you saying if a girl is above average attractive you don't contact her or do but you are looking for the cracks in the story?

    • personally i don't contact girls 4 THIS reason.. sorry

What Girls Said 1

  • Look for their voice when they call (If they'll let you), ask them to take two current pictures of them self, and if their profile picture looks too Tumblr its 9 out of 10 chance its a catfish.