Should I continue to pursue this girl?

I reconnected with this beautiful girl on tinder that I went to college with and had previously met one other time. She was a bartender at a popular bar in our college town, and I always had a girlfriend in college, but there was one night in particular we got to know each other while she was working. She currently lives in long island and I am just over an hour away in distance from her currently.

When we reconnected she told me she had always tried to give me her number but I was always with a girl. Things continued from there and looked promising until out of nowhere there she stopped responding. One week later I texted her and we started chatting and flirting again, only this time I suggested meeting up and she seemed eager to. After unsuccessfully trying to pick a day to meet up, I told her we would figure it out when she returned from a trip she was taking.

When she returned from the trip we still coordinate a day so I relied on my go to tactic of "why don't you find a day coming up that works for you and let me know when you're free to get together?" she responded promptly with "Sounds good to me!! =) <3"

My take away from that last encounter was good. I put the ball in her court and she responded positively to it. However, that last encounter was on April 16th, which would make it about 3 weeks from the time of this posting. And the other thing that annoys me a tad is she still posts "moments pictures" on tinder about 1-2x per week, and has still yet to respond to me

now i'm not naive i know dating is a numbers game and that could very well be the case in this situation, but i would be lying if i didn't say i was into this girl in college and reconnecting with her now seems almost like an act of fate.

but the main question is what do i do about this girl? follow my gut and leave the ball in her court by waiting on her to remember to text me? or text her?


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  • She is either not interested or playing hard to get