Is dating a 50 year old man wrong for a 16 year old girl?

There are not law restrictions because this is legal in my State, we already look it up. I'm not planning to marry him or anything. It's basically just for fun. He knows about so many things and I am fascinated with him. Plus he is my first man and I feel really good around him.

I'm not marrying him or anything. This is just to start experience life.
He is actually 52 and you guys are paranoid, he is actually a sweet guy. I don't even know why I asked this.
I have an exchange student friend in High School from Bulgaria and she says this is normal in Europe. People in Europe have sex since they are like 12. We in the United States are more closed minded.
I'm not gonna answer more answers. we been dating and everything is good and double checked legal, so no worries, is natural.


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  • Babe...

    Do whatever makes you happy in your life... Weather he be 20-30-40-50 if he makes you smile.. and your sure and you think it's genuine then you carry on doing it.

    No one hear can judge him at alll! they have never met the poor bloke.

    I know this isn't really the main point here, but I still feel it's a good one to mention - older men are tempting to a lot of women... my girlfriends and I always talk about how hot George Cloony is He's 48! ... what about Alan Rickman? ...63! I know a lot of girls that are young that want him.

    few more ... Hugh Bloody grant! 48!...

    And now now ladies and gentlemen... Lets not forget the O so sought after.. Johnny Depp..46.. and of course... Brad Pitt - 45 & Tom Cruise 47.

    And guys!... there are surely older woman who you - if the chance came'a knockin - would get with.

    Again don't have a go at me... I know it's not the same thing, but I can pretty certain that over 70% of people have been attracted to an older male/female and some point, and would have jumped at the chance for a moment of passion! ... it''s just how it is.

    Hun, You live once, doesn't matter who doesn't agree... It's your life ... It's your choice!... and tbh.. he is a bloody lucky man... your a stunnerr!

    Xxxxxx keep ya chin up.

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      In fact... It's a well known male fantasies to "be" with older an older woman....... it is portrayed through the eyes of the media .. men want exp with an older women.. they want to learn gain exp.. that is all this girl wants to do really..

      I can see both arguments... It's a conflicting question. Everyone is gonna take this their own way.

      It's crazy.. life is just like that.

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      Ok cjwright79 your an idiot I nor anyone else with a brain cares what you have to say ok 70 year old men can be great guys but that is child molestation to be with a kid and morally wrong if they are 10 years younger ok but 52 years old with a 16 year old child is not just wrong but sick that child molester needs to go to jail

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      Royalwalter3 I get where your coming from, it's a fact, and this whole qustion has sparked a huge debate because it is tabooed. Everyone see's this differently. It doesn't matter what anyone says it's her choice, life and feelings, So don't be so critical when you haven't ever met either of the people involved.

      I respect your views, and you should ours. It doesn't make us bad people cause we value age as a number.. And yes there are lines that must be drawn a 70 year old and a 10 year old is sick