Is dating a 50 year old man wrong for a 16 year old girl?

There are not law restrictions because this is legal in my State, we already look it up. I'm not planning to marry him or anything. It's basically just for fun. He knows about so many things and I am fascinated with him. Plus he is my first man and I feel really good around him.

I'm not marrying him or anything. This is just to start experience life.
He is actually 52 and you guys are paranoid, he is actually a sweet guy. I don't even know why I asked this.
I have an exchange student friend in High School from Bulgaria and she says this is normal in Europe. People in Europe have sex since they are like 12. We in the United States are more closed minded.
I'm not gonna answer more answers. we been dating and everything is good and double checked legal, so no worries, is natural.


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  • Babe...

    Do whatever makes you happy in your life... Weather he be 20-30-40-50 if he makes you smile.. and your sure and you think it's genuine then you carry on doing it.

    No one hear can judge him at alll! they have never met the poor bloke.

    I know this isn't really the main point here, but I still feel it's a good one to mention - older men are tempting to a lot of women... my girlfriends and I always talk about how hot George Cloony is He's 48! ... what about Alan Rickman? ...63! I know a lot of girls that are young that want him.

    few more ... Hugh Bloody grant! 48!...

    And now now ladies and gentlemen... Lets not forget the O so sought after.. Johnny Depp..46.. and of course... Brad Pitt - 45 & Tom Cruise 47.

    And guys!... there are surely older woman who you - if the chance came'a knockin - would get with.

    Again don't have a go at me... I know it's not the same thing, but I can pretty certain that over 70% of people have been attracted to an older male/female and some point, and would have jumped at the chance for a moment of passion! ... it''s just how it is.

    Hun, You live once, doesn't matter who doesn't agree... It's your life ... It's your choice!... and tbh.. he is a bloody lucky man... your a stunnerr!

    Xxxxxx keep ya chin up.

    • In fact... It's a well known male fantasies to "be" with older an older woman....... it is portrayed through the eyes of the media .. men want exp with an older women.. they want to learn gain exp.. that is all this girl wants to do really..

      I can see both arguments... It's a conflicting question. Everyone is gonna take this their own way.

      It's crazy.. life is just like that.

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    • Ok cjwright79 your an idiot I nor anyone else with a brain cares what you have to say ok 70 year old men can be great guys but that is child molestation to be with a kid and morally wrong if they are 10 years younger ok but 52 years old with a 16 year old child is not just wrong but sick that child molester needs to go to jail

    • Royalwalter3 I get where your coming from, it's a fact, and this whole qustion has sparked a huge debate because it is tabooed. Everyone see's this differently. It doesn't matter what anyone says it's her choice, life and feelings, So don't be so critical when you haven't ever met either of the people involved.

      I respect your views, and you should ours. It doesn't make us bad people cause we value age as a number.. And yes there are lines that must be drawn a 70 year old and a 10 year old is sick

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  • WHAT? I don't care where you are in the united states unless you have a baby it is illegal ANYWHERE in this country so look up the law a little better and yes in europe its the norm and legal but is so wrong you tell me where your fom or give me a number and I will have his ass locked up myself I will fly down there and slap his ass right in the face with the papers saying its illegal then have his child molesting ass locked up where he belongs that man belongs in jail and deserves to get things shoved up in his ass while he is in there that's completely disgusting and your parents must chimps or monkeys to let you do that you have a messed up life and I am sorry to hear that and I hope one day you realized how much of a mistake that is

    • We did look it up. We know lawyers and all.It's completely legal.

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    • I think the fact they actualy spent time to try and find something that says about 16 year olds having sex is legal or not just proves the only reason there together in the first place.

    • I agree 100 percent I know if you have to ask such a stupid question and try to spend all that much time looking up the laws I mean really does it sound wrong come on now but ya I agree with you

  • Here we go with the in the United States we are more closed minded thing.

  • This is wrong on all level. I don't care if you are experimenting. Why can't he find someone close to his age or a legal adult that isn't a teenager. This may be something you want to do, but he knows you're young and is taking advantage of you and the situation. When a 50 year old man wants to have sex with a16 year old girl, you have to question why. Stay away from him.

  • It's inappropriate for him to consider dating you. He's old enough to be your father. There's a well know rule. Half his age divided by two and then add seven. That means the youngest woman he should consider dating is 32 years old. You're half that age. You two can be platonic friends but that's it.

  • Yeah its wrong. Good for him I thought my 4 year difference was a problem, but not now...lmao. You are looking for a sugar daddy. What kind of life experience could you be looking for.

  • Yeah in the US, you seem to have more freedom, but in practice it seems to be exercised in the realm of prejudice and judgement rather than having a good time.

  • If you like him, who cares. I mean some older men are weird but some are really nice!

    • Another stupid answer from the idiot I can't believe you have a bachelors degree in psychology you better find a different field for the sake of human nature

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    • Sweet: trust me honey, I won't. That's the only goal I have in life, to not have kids. But you should -- you need someone with a little more grace to replace you.

      Titi: same to you sweetheart.

      Walter: your name is Walter. I rest my case.

    • Yes my name is walter wtf does that have to do with anything your a sick and stupid man and need some counseling yourself and I agree with sweet please don't have kids we don't need anymore sickos like yourself and you know what if you were from the same place I am I would beat you into next week and I hate fighting but sick people like you just make me so damn angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps get help seriously you need all the help you can get

  • Obvious troll is obvious.

  • I don't care how cute or sexy you are, your an idiot. He's only using you for sex, and I'm quite sure he wants you to believe he's a "sweet guy". Run away while you still can, or just continue this phase that will only lead to more consequences in the future.

    • Agreed with this guy 100%

      There is nothing wrong with preferring older guys but this is just messed up and wrong. Why can't you just date guys a couple of grades above you or something?. Whatever, I ain't blaming you, I want to assume its just your hormone buzzed teenage brain not realizing your being groomed by an old man.

    • I agree with him too,52 is just way too old to be dating a 16 year old.....but hey it's your life,your choices,make up your own mind but I think your just going to be played in the end.Not to mention it's disgustinThe age gap is about

  • your dating a guy that is 50?...WTFFF that is f***ing retarded, what kind of sick man would date a 16 year old girl when he is f***ing 50, he could be your grandfather ffs

  • So you lost your virginity to a 50 year old guy?

    • I don't see the big deal.

    • I was just asking a question. You can date an 80 year old if you wanted. I wasn't judging you

  • okay look at it this way... if you have a kid when you are older... and they got to 16 years of age... would you want them dating a 52 year old man?

    • Yeah if she is mature enough to me, to not have false expectations about relationships, then why not.

    • Well I'm not here to judge but just be safe.

  • I don't agree with this at all...Personally I think that he's going to take advantage of you in some way shape or form...End it now because lets face it...What he is doing is wrong...

  • and there are laws agains it...

    16 may be the age of consent as long as there isn't a 7 year age gap between the elder...

  • i agree with one of the other post... haha... watch yourself... you just may end up on dateline or msnbc or any other nationally broadcasted network for a missing persons report or another rape/murder vic... you know... the usual here in the states... but, it is your choice as sad as that is because you're only 16... sorry to sound like an ass... but I am pretty blunt... and seeing people get raped and murdered isn't cool especially by creepy old dudes who are probably older than your parents...

    • This is non-sense, things like that happen just like car accidents happen, but people still drive. You can't live paranoid, some things need to be experienced.

    • Maybe so... and I in no way live a paranoid life... haha... but I do find it a little off putting and quite awkward that you're trying to "date" someone older than my parents haha

  • Thats just so wrong no matter what state your in.

  • This kinda stuff frightens me...i think you need to watch Dateline NBC's To Catch a Predator. You need to realize that there are crazy people out there that will prey on young attractive girls like yourself.

    You may be fascinated by how much knowledge he has and such, but don't let that smoke screen distract you, he's making you feel extra comfortable and is exploiting you. Let's be honest, your 16, attractive, and naive. You may not think your naive, but he does...and is manipulating your emotions making you think that you are safe.

    It's definitely wrong to date a 50 year old man especially if your 16. I hope you wake up and realize what is going on, because even people that don't know you wouldn't want anything bad to happen to you. Situations like these cause mass controversy because your so young and he's so old. Your still going through hormonal changes and he's going through a mid-life crisis.

    If you do not like guys your age...try dating guys your age from out of town or someone who is about 2 years older than you. The reason why you probably don't like guys your age is because they are extremely immature and you are more mature for your age.

    There are too many guys out there for you, that are close or around your age. This 50 year old guy was in his mid thirties when you were born. It's ridiculous.

    I'm not sure what type of fun a 16 year old girl is looking for, but a 50 year old man is looking for one thing sexual fun, because his wife is not as active sexually with him. Think about it a little. Use your head...

    Good Luck!

    • He is not married and he is not like that at all.

    • He ain't married because he is a sick f***

    • @royalwalter3 the way i see it is if he soo sweet and sooo special. Why is he 52 and single? and if he is truly loving you he should get to know your parents. But girl he probably told you not to tell.

  • That's f***ed up! And by the way this is not Europe this is north America and also that so really gross!

    • Again, this stuff isn't acceptable in Europe, try a bit further South-East, like Bangladesh or something.

    • It's no more acceptable in Europe than in the USA.

  • thats nasty... and what's okay in Europe is not okay in the U.S... that's very immoral.

    • This isn't okay in Europe either. European talking (just wanting to dissociate myself with this notion that I am going to want to fiddle little girls at 50 just by virtue of geography).

      And as a European I can quite confidently say that I share your ethics in this regard.

  • yes

  • huh duh damn girl you crazy don't wanna say he using you but he is, u're sixteen come on really

  • wow...

    uhhh be careful ?

  • Wrong? No. Unacceptable in the US? Yes.

    People in the States have a tendency of close-mindedness and hostility towards things or ideas that are different or otherwise not "the norm". But honestly, there is nothing wrong with your decision. There is nothing wrong with "age gaps" in a relationship, big or small.

    Legally, you are still a minor though, and despite the age of consent being 16 in some states, there usually is a maximum number of years older a partner can be before it does in fact become illegal, at least in terms of sexual activity. Though once you are 18, no one can say anything. Until then, just be careful.

  • aww...dear!...

    What are you doing? :) bless.

    Please, ignore this 52 year old sleeze, delete all contact information, block him and get a restraining order if you must.

    Sorry but this guy is just so wrong for you on so many levels I can't even begin to explain why and I can only assume your age and teenage infatuation is causing you to fail to see how utterly flawed this whole scenario is.

    "No one hear can judge him at alll! they have never met the poor bloke. "

    He is 52 and she is under 18, that alone is enough to let us know what this guy is about.

    Ask yourself this: If this guy is so great how come he has to resort to picking up young girls who don't know any better?

    OP, he is a creep, please just...cut off contact with him and if he persists tell your parents so they can ensure he gets slapped fully by the law. Just because something is legal doesn't make it right or acceptable.

  • thats f***ing weird as hell

  • someone has a daddy complex lolol

  • gross

    and a troll.

  • It isn't VERY considerate of him to date you. He's three times your age.


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  • i am with you in a way. I like older guys too but I haven't been with a guy that is 50 I think the oldest guy I was with was 35 or 36 or so he said. I mostly go for later 20's early 30's. Guys our age have no idea how do work things haha. I a fuzzy on who I lost my virginity to cause I was 13 and the guy was 13 and I really don't know if it went in lol but like a month after that I had sex with this guy who was 26 and he got the job done for sure ha. don't worry about age just be careful girl

  • I did forget to say one thing!... 16 is soooo sooo sooo soooooooooo young. Just be careful of laws..

    In all honesty if you were 20 it wouldn't sound as bad... but that isn't going to stop you is it lol :)

    Just be careful. really. Could tell you all the tings you already know... and have been told a million time... it change what you wanna do tho.

    Just felt like making a point in the last comment...


  • You got many answers but I just want to say, I'm from Europe, and we do not have sex since we are 12 or something. Seriously. GB has big problem with teen pregnancies but generally average age is like 16 or 17. Higher in Holland, lower in GB. And yes we are more open minded than you but please do not make Europe seem like a land of pornography. We are just not so obsessed with sex as you are^^

  • Any 52-year-old man who dates a teenager has issues, I don't care how nice he is. So does the teenager; older men wouldn't prey on her otherwise.

    And this isn't Europe. Even if it was, having sex at 12 doesn't mean they're having it with someone 30 years older than them.

    • Hi, European spokesman, this stuff is wrong, thanks for your time. 16 is as far as I know the European wide norm for age of consent. And old men sleezing on young girls is never acceptable.

      Remember that America was created by European immigrants, logic and common sense dictates that by virtue of that we share similar ethics. ;)

    • Tell that to the question asker. I was just commenting on the information she gave, I don't actually believe it.

  • Think of it this way... if you have lived on this earth for 50 years... why would you ever find satisfaction in a companion that is a third of that age? Men that are 50 are much more established and have experienced many more things than you have, and at that point are looking for the real deal.

    What I' trying to get it is that he is using you for sex, and that since this is illegal (as you are under 18), he could go to jail for this. I know you think you know him really well... but he is a sick man and you are putting your life and safety at stake. stop contacting him immediately before someone finds your dead body in a ditch.

  • Oh my god. . . I will definitely be keeping a watch out for you on Dateline NBC. . . You have gotten yourself into deep trouble. I would be so careful hun. . Oh my god. . . If I knew my daughter was dating a man older then me, she wld never see the sun ever again.

  • i personally think its discuting. he should go to jail for this. he is old enough to be your father, and even grandpa.

    youre beautiful. go find a guy your own age. there's plenty out there.

    you have a lot going for you, you are still so young, don't ruin it with him.

    • I don't like guys my age. I don't know if you noticed, but they are all dorky and immature. Plus like I said, this is just for a while, is not like I'm going to marry him.

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    • This is the only statement I will pipe in on here.... YES. ALL 16 and 17 year old BOYS are immature! PERIOD! No matter what you want to think.... no matt3er how suave and sophisticated you might want to believe you are.... you do not have enough time living to be mature. Don't believe me? Wait till you are 25 and THEN tell me how mature you were at 16!

    • FYI Xenophobia, Borat is a fictional character from Kazakhstan, a country located in Central Asia, as in, not Europe.

      And for the last time, sex offenders aren't any more welcome here than in the states.

  • yuck

  • well if that's what makes you happy and its legal, then by all means do what makes you happy... it doesn't matter what any1 else says.

    this is america-- so many different ppl-- not every1 goes the same route.

    goodluck with everything =]

    • Not true that can hurt someone psychologically I have taken 10 years of psychology and that's not ok you don't understand that yet wait till you get older and you will or if you take a few years of psychology

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    • Ok enough with bringing psychology in to this you guys obviously can't understand and coacoa768 lets bring common sense in ok how the hell can you say its ok for a 16 year old girl to be having sex with a 52 year old man maybe just cause your a young girl I really hope so and if not don't have kids because if that's still your belief as an adult then you would not be fit to raise children and there have been many studies to that not to the exact ages of 52 and 16 but older men with children if you

    • Would spend some more time studying instead of making assumptions you might learn that there have been many tests on that and why you put (lol) I still can't figure out why your laughing about a child molester that's funny to you next you will be laughing about a murder or a rapist you know what your just as sick and need some help and if no one likes or agrees with this that's ok I'm not here to make friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OMFG W.T.F

    That is soooo f***ing wrong on so many levels. I don't care who you are or what believe in. That's f***ing wrong and it's f***ing scary.

    Didn't your parents raise yowith any morals? Please see a psychologist about this if you think this is ok. Please. You need help.

  • Ewwwww

  • i can understand liking older guys but someone whos 30+ years older is wrong. you're still really young and I doubt you understand the situation. it's possible that he can get in serious trouble for being with you.

  • My girl. I have no words.except there are a lot of guys around your age and even in thier 20's you can experience life with even if they are a LITTLE older than you.So I'm not saying its wrong because I like older guys too.But no NORMAL 50 year old would want to chill with a 16 year old in "that way" Like I think that if you wanted to hang with a guy who was in his 20's that would be more reasonable ,you know what I mean.This guy could use you in so many different ways. I really hope you find someone else to explore the world with who is not 50. Best of luck to you hun xoxo

    • He is actually a very sweet guy, he had never pushed me to anything. If he wants something he is always polite about it.

    • Well of course he is! He has life experience hun he knows how to talk, how to act, heknows EVERYTHING! Hun you need to watch yourself that's all I'm going to say.peace

    • BINGO!! you hit that nail right on the head

  • U are a f***ing idiot...go ruin ur life idc if you hook up with him people are only going to look at you like a slut

  • both of you are creeps if you think this is right.

  • OMFG you lost your virginity to a 50 year old?

    thats wrong on every level

    he should be married and have a family at 50 wtf is going on!?!?!?



    If rape were legal in some states & Europe would that make it right too? How about theft, or any other type of abuse? But hey, maybe he's a pimp...

    I am sorry, but a 50y.o. man chasing after a 16y.o. girl equals one thing - CREEPY OLD MAN! If he's going through the midlife crisis, he can buy a porche like the rest do!

    ...of course, you're 16... I'm sure you already know it all and have all the answers about what to do with your life...that's the beauty of youth.

    good luck and enjoy the low-life while you can.

    • For reference sake, Rape is most certainly not legal or acceptable in Europe. (can people PLEASE stop with this notion that sex crimes are acceptable just because we aren't American?...its really...ignorant looking.)

    • I think that was exactly the point... rape isn't acceptable ANYWHERE - nor is it about sex. It appears to he likened to abuse, which is the real issue here. No one is saying that these things are legal in Europe!

      In my opinion, it appears that this person is saying "if everyone jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?"

      People are using the Europe reference because it was broached by the question asker... NOT because Americans are saying Europeans are more liberated than we are...

  • omg like totally you are so cool I wish I cud get a 50 year old man too do dirty things with then I would be soooooo cool and everyone would be sooooo jelous of me because I am so cool like u!

    im so jellous! I love hairy europeans to they are so sexyyy

    • Nice to see some honesty lol

    • Did someone call for a hairy European, seeing as being European is just a fact of geography and having body hair is basically what all normal human beings have?

      Oh right, you were taking a clumsy jab at the people of an entire continent. Nice attempt! :)

    • Omggggg norcat I love the haaaaairy ones! :D

  • i personally find this a little bit disguisting. I'm pretty sure you can do a lot better! he's old enough to be your grandfather isn't that just a little bit disturbing to you? I mean everyone says "love is love" but I think there's a time when you gotta draw the line. if this was in another country it would be considered rape if you did anything with him. I know you want to experiance life but maybe experiance it with someone a little closer to your age !

  • Holy daddy issues.

    If you don't want anyone's opinions whatever. I could care less what you do. Hopefully you don't get pregnant that would be terrible for the gene pool. If anything bad happens to you, remember this post and don't come back crying for sympathy because you knew what you were getting into.

    • He can't have kids, so we don't have to worry about condoms breaking or that kind of stuff.

    • Never say he can't have kids unless he ain't got balls because ya. that were the swimmers come from lmao

    • Jesus Christ OP your being groomed by a paedophile....