Would you date a woman under these conditions?

I live with my mom. I am a grown adult living with her mother. I feel like a teenager. The thing is that my step dad left my mom a while ago and my mom can't afford to live on her own. I could get my own apartment but then my mom would have to live in a dump she could afford. I can't do that! She works, but it's not enough. She is awesome by the way and has been a great mom. I pay all the bills. She buys the food. She never gets in my business.

The apt is cramped with her stuff and my stuff. It's not a proper home. Not how I would like it. The thing is I want to date a man. My living situation really kills that. My mom's room and my are on opposite ends, but it's still odd. Also, our apt doesn't reflect my taste in furniture or my style, and it's not what I want to represent. I have stayed away from meeting men and relationships because of this. The thing is that I don't want to stay single forever, but my living situation won't change soon. How much of a deal breaker is this? Am I making too much out of it? I've seen men put up with much worse, but I have high standards for myself and what I want to bring into a relationship. This is crazy, I can't just stay alone forever...


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  • You are absolutely dateable. I'm younger than you (according to your stated age), but I also still live at home. I'm totally understanding of people, more than I would be had I not dealt with some strange and unusual circumstances, because life just doesn't quite work the same way for everyone. You deserve and would be well-matched with a man who has a similarly open mind.


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  • It wouldn't be a deal breaker for me at all. I would prefer it that the girl I date have a big, close family to be honest, even if they still live with her...as long as we have our own bedroom for baby making time.


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  • I'm definately paying attention to this to see what answers you get...my situation is almost identicle...but I just refuse to bring guys here...ever...

    • I appreciate the answers. I have been keeping myself off the market and watching other girls get the guy. That's frustrating. People are always asking me why I don't have a boyfriend? lolololol I refuse to bring a guy home, but then always going to a guys home is not an option for me either. I like equally shared time at each other's place.

      I'll keep these answers in mind...thanks.

    • Well in the town I live in most people live with their families because its more friendly to ones bank funds (in my town the saying your either rich or poor is true) so its not always feasable to keep them from my house...I just wait a good long time befor I bring them here .....Its hard but explaining it befor hand helps.....good luck!