Texting after date. Is he ignoring me?

So this guy I dated with said during the date that he hoped that when he got home I wouldn't text him saying something like 'I'm not going to see you again'. I didn't. I actually like him. But he didn't text after the date. I texted him first asking if he got home safely. He replied 30 minutes later for the first two lines. I asked him if he hates me now. He said no. When I told him that I didn't text that I am not going to see him again, he replied 'So you want to see me'. And left my last sentence unanswered. He was not like this before the date, always saying something like 'I like talking to you' and stuff. And it seems clear now that he's been ignoring me. He still replies though, but not at the same speed. His text still ends with Xxx and 'sweety' is still used.

I guess he's just being polite and he might date many girls, and I happen to be just one of those chicks he's been hoarding. Am I right? What should I do next? Keep texting or just leaving him and bid him an official goodbye? I date just one at a time though :)


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  • Dont text him for awhile.. if I were him I would text you all day or call you..

    • I don't know the protocol. Elaborate, please.

    • If you dont text him for awhile he might finally get in touch with you.. but then again maybe not.. just ask him whats up.. tell him to be honest with you

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  • It's hard to tell from what you've written because some details are missing (like was this your first date? How soon did you text him?) but from what you have said you are already coming across as high maintenance. Any time a girl says "do you hate me now" for no reason is a huge alarm bell.

    • first date, yes. sorry about that missing info. and i always gave him that forewarning about the possibility of his hating me about the date.

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  • I don't know, maybe fear of commitment? Guys are weird when it comes to texting and stuff.