Does size matter?

guys and girls of course opinions appreciated.i used to be a very fit and slim young lady and unfortunately due to health issues and three kids in a row I'm very very overweight,i need to lose about 6 stones.thats a lot but I still have a pretty question is basically is a bigger woman really that unattractive ?


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  • I think it does matter to most men. Some men ever prefer bigger ladies, but those are the minority by far. If you feel you need to lose weight, do it for yourself, not for some guy.


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  • I think the first thing a guy notices is the body so if you have an unattractive body I think it would give most guys the impression that you're not attractive.


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  • I certainly agree with 33tango. Losing weight by eating healthy and exercise is a lot more healthier. But do it for yourself and also your children. Not a man. Also if you do start exercising, include your children, it will help them to live a healthier and fit life. Also, remember that losing weight and exercise never takes more than it gives back. Even if its just getting outside and playing in the yard. Even the slightest bit helps.

  • 1 stone = 14 pounds

    14 x 6 = 84

    So you're 84 pounds overweight. I'm sorry but I think that would make you unattractive to most guys. There are some guys who prefer big women but they are a small minority of men. Especially when we're talking that big. Besides, guys care way more about your body than they do about your face.

    No offense meant at all, I used to weigh 250 pounds on a 5'5 frame so I'm speaking from experience. I could not pay a guy to be attracted to me at that time. But I worked out lost the weight and it's like night and day.