How to turn him down?

There's this guy in my school that I know think I look good (told our common friend that he really like what he has seen (since we havn't talked)). I don't feel the same way. A couple of months ago he fb massaged me asking me if i wanted to grab a coffee or something after school, I responded that I didn't have the time becouse of all of my homework. Last week, he fb messaged me again and we had a short conversation (nothing special) and now yesterday he walked up to me at school and asked if I wanted to see him after school someday next week. I said that I didn't know how bussy I am, but that I would text him back later and that I thought it would be "nice". I don't mind making bew friends but he probably has a "crush" or something on me, but I don't.

What should I do? I want him to understand that I'm not intrested but I don't want to hurt him (know I will but as gentle as possible) and also still be available for other guys (eg. maybe someone in his class). God! feel so mean, but I just don't see us together...

I guess I prettymuch have to go see him, or? but if I do he'll probably keep talking/texting me and what should I do then?


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  • well if you're actually interested in being friends, just say you would like to hangout but you aren't interested romantically

    • but should I tell him this after seeing him? He said we could meet and just talk

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    • Ok, thank you!
      Thought so too, since I can't know if I've nerver talked to him.

    • yeah if you've never talked to him nothing wrong with hanging out and seeing how it goes.


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  • Just tell him that you're highly thankful for his effort, but you're not feeling the same way. Offer to help him find girls he'd find attractive. :P

    Whatever you do don't lie to him.

  • Lol, if you have any male friends, bring him with you while you get the coffee. Make the other guy feel awkward and will will stop pestering you.

  • Dude tell him you don't want to hang out, then he'll know you aren't interested. If he's hurt by that, that's his own fault.

  • Bring another (single) girl along, and basically set them up. He'll get the hint and he might even become interested in the other girl. Better even if she likes him too.


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