Why don't feminist ever say why don't women approach more?

They will fight to the death for equal pay, jobs, etc but when it comes to dating they refuse to approach or tell girls to approach even though they want to be treated equal. So why do most women never approach more?


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  • feminists hate that they are women simply because they want the benefits of being a man but they dont want to lose their benefits of being a woman either.

    simply put "feminists want to have their cake and, eat yours too,"


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  • Because some of them want to have their cake and eat it too. Seems to be the way things are going in this world.

  • You're clearly blind and/or deaf because I've been saying it and I'm sure many other women have.

    1) NO ONE should approach if they don't want to (this includes men as well if you can't comprehend that). There should be NO "forced roles" on this. Men are the ones that are "expected" to walk up to a woman, but that should stop. If he doesn't feel comfortable or if he doesn't want to, then he shouldn't be expected to nor should he. Same for women.

    2) Someone's PREFERENCE has NOTHING to do with Feminism/Equality. Some women don't want to approach. Some women want that traditional man to care for them. That's okay because that's what they want.

    I'm not going to walk up to a man EVER again. It's not about being rejected for me. I don't do it because if I have to walk up to a guy, I'm more than likely not into you. I like guys who walk up to me because I can see that he was confident enough to approach. That's sexy to me.

    3) If you made this question because YOU are having a tough time with men, that's YOUR problem. Don't take it out on innocent people. Don't expect people--just because you're shy or you have negative thoughts that you use as a defense mechanism to approaching women or whatever your possible issue is--to walk up to you because you can't. walk up to them. That's being hypocritical (because you're placing a role on women to approach yet complaining about men having to approach).

    'kay? :)

    • Oh look I ask a question already get hate. DID I EVER SAY YOU NEED OR SHOULD APPROACH? No. Whast I was asking was why don't feminists want more women and girls to? They bitch they never get treated equally but yet they refuse to be rejected like guys do. Jesus Fucking Christ learn to fucking read.

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    • @Asker Your idiotic question seemed to insinuate as such. If you weren't retarded, you would know that 1) you generalized about Feminists like a retard 2) that some Feminists clearly DO encourage women do approach men.

      Many Feminists are against forced/expected gender roles period. You seem to be too stupid to get that.

      @Nymphlobe It says nothing if you have common sense. The way society was constructed put the pressures onto men to hunt. There is no need for them.

    • If my question is/was so idiotic why the fuck did you take the time to answer it? Typical big mouth know it all female who thinks no believes she's above everyone else. Show me proof that feminists encourage women to approach? If not shove you're feminist bull crap where that sun don't shine.

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  • So let me understand how this works:

    "We want to be paid equally!", foolish nonsense.

    "We want to approach men and jump on the D!", all that matters?

  • ever thought that some gals r SHY?

  • Uh, well, You see,

    Do you know many feminists or are you just hating on the fact that women don't approach you?

  • a world where women do more approaching is a world where you will feel even more neglected than you probably do now. Do you think in a world where girls did most of the approaching, all the nice guys will finally find some reprieve? You would be marked and bypassed like the passover. Find the perks in being the one to approach first, as there are many

  • because they are lesbians...

  • I've never heard a feminist say this. Feminism (or at least the type of feminism we should be supporting, which is intersectional) supports the "girl-asking-guy-out" scenario.