Do I take the plunge?

I'm not sure on whether to ask this girl out. She seems interested, but I don't know her likes or dislikes.

Also, I have this nagging feeling at the back of my head that prevents me from taking the plunge and asking her out.

Problem is, we rarely see each other, and I talk to her mostly by IM.


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  • Funny thing I was going through the same thing just recently. I just decided to man up and go for it!

    I know what feeling you have, it sucks cause you think no matter what you do wether you ask her out or don't ask her out you will feel bad. Really I feel much better after it cause I'm not living in a lie, you will also learn a lot from the experience.

    Why wait? You will be relieved afterwards though it might hurt to begin with. Wouldn't you hate yourself is you guys bring this subject up later and she said that she HAD feelings for you but not anymore. Do us a favor and ask her out!

    She says yes: nice you got yourself a date

    she says no: so what? the next time will be easier


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  • Well, you do know her and you have chatted with her before. Also, you feel like she could be interested. I think it would be totally fine for you to ask her out.

    Of course I don't know if she would accept. If I were you, I would frame the question so that things are not too awkward if she refuses. Say something low-key, like, "I like IMing you, but it would be great to see each other in real-life. How about going to dinner tomorrow?" If she accepts, then see how things go and ask her to see you again if you're both having a good time.

    Just remember, even if she refuses, you have done everything right and it is normal for adults to ask each other out.

  • Go for it..because you like her,and see how it goes from there..

    if you think too much, you might lose out on a great relationship!who knows how it might turn out :))

    all the best


What Guys Said 2

  • push forward, go with the first thought I your head. the thing in the back of your head is your second thoughts. don't give it a second thought...

  • that nagging feeling at the back of your head is cowardice.

    the only way to kill cowardice is to be courageous.