Is he trying to flirt with me?

we don't really like each other but I found that we make a lot of eye contact and every time he passes me he seems to talk louder and tries to draw attention to him self to make him sound cooler?

******back story******
the reason we don't like each other is well I used to like him and he liked me but I guess I got to clingy and it caused a lot and he blocked me on everything but face book, after a month of no talking I texted him on face book and he didn't get it till the next day and then a lot more drama happened and he thought it was me causing it and shit like that, I see him every weekend due to where he works, I find when I do go there he me a lot and we make a lot of eye contact. On Sunday he gave me and my little cousin a ride home in the tractor and something was said and my cousin said that's why you are in love? And it went silent so I'm not sure


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  • I don't think so.