(LADIES HELP) Are those good signs!!!!!!

There this lady that came to my job (WITH HER SON I'M THINKING) to help her mother move into this high rise I work in! So 1 day I seen her coming to the door and I went to open it for her. And she turned around and gave me this stare into my eyes for about a good 3 sec before saying thank you! I said your welcome... So she came bacc the next day (WITHOUT HER SON) and sparked a convo about me being bored at work and I said you could tell I be bored at work huh? So she started laughing (don't know why) Then she ask if I had a TV to watch I said no ma'am (Reminding you I'm 23 she's about 29) Then she said awwwww poor baby then I ask her did she like coming here she said yeah but its kinda to far from where I stay! So she was walking out and turned around and asked me did I work here every night I said jus about she said awwwww poor baby again (no reason) So just the other day I came to work and dressed up forgot all about her then I just so happen to look up at the camera! And she was coming in with 2 little kids..I'm just thanking about things as she is walking in and she ask me why are you so dressed up for I told her oh no reason! Then she said well you look nice (staring in my eyes again)...Then she went and got on the elevator and went to see her mother that stays in the building... So like a hour later she was coming out the elevator looking my way (remind you those kids is still with her) So I don't know why I opened my mouth (DAMN!) I said excuse me (super low) And I don't know how she heard me. She turned around like so fast ...And did the same (eye stare contest) and I just so happen to get up conversation close to her but something say look to the right and the little kids was staring at me wondering what I was about to say.. So I told her that I was going to ask her later and she nodded her yeah as if she didn't want them to know what we was talking about so I thought she didn't hear me so I ask her did she hear me she nodded yeah again then I turned around to walk off and something was like turn around and I did and she was already looking at me and she was saying bye again! (GOOD SIGNS/ OR START? / DOES SHE KNOW WHAT I WAS WANTING TO ASK HER? / AND IS SHE FEELING ME BACK?)


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  • She knows exactly what she's doing...flirting, interested, teasing you. I am sure she had an idea of what you were going to ask. She just couldn't talk at that moment with the children.

    I just want to forewarn you, I am sure you already might have thought of this: She might be married.

    Good luck.

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    • I know a lot of married people who don't wear wedding rings. Whether or not she'll get involved, I have no idea because I do not know her. If she is married then she is committed already and shouldn't be messing around with anyone! She might just enjoy the attention and flirtation.

      BTW, I am speculating on the marriage part.....she could be divorced or single.

    • Yeah I'm thinking the same thing cause she always by herself also when she was helping her mother move in when we first saw each other I'm thanking where's her hubby/bf at he should b helping her with her mother moving in RIGHT???!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • Oh Lord, be careful! She could be married. If you do decide to get with her, make sure you either warn her that it is just a fling or that you are prepared to be a dad to two little kids. Be careful, this is a complicated situation!

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    • You're right about the kids father situation!!!! but here's the thing y would she nod her head in a yeah motion!!!! instead giving me the attention and compliment she would've said nothing I'm thanking!!!

    • Well, I think you should ask her right out if she is single, if you guys end up going on a date. Just make sure she isn't in a complicated situation.

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  • ya man , talk to her? spit your game yadadimean? =]