Should I text this guy?

There is this guy i met about 6 months ago, never talked to him then my friend gives me his number, i text him. So we were going good you know it was a little awkward but it was nice. Then it started to seem I was doing more work on the converation and he was like yes, no and such. So when he did not text me back I did not I was like whatever he is not interested in me. Then later that week he texts me! It was going good. Then my friend who has had a lot of life changing events occur latley tells me I don't need to talk to him anymore. I was really just starting to feel something for him. I told the guy I was like look I have a lot of school and life stresses right now so I can not hang out which was true. Then all he says is K. I did not think much about him I was super stressed. Then when everything chilled out I was like well what could it pan out to be. My friend was like he talks to lots of different girls, seems like a whore and drinks. But when I ask her about it she was like he met some girl who was not exactly the best thing on earth a slut if you will. But I dont know how she is for sure about this! Her boyfriend works with this guy, but he is staying away from him so how is he sure about this info, And one thing i should mention is I do have a child which he knows about and is cool with. So now that i have vented and explained my situation should i text him back and be like these are my standards (which are high now) and I will not change for you and tell him im interested or do i just never talk to him again? He is a super good guy, treats mama good, seems like an actual good and decent guy with a few flaws. Im not planning on texting him at the moment but it keeps running through my head what if he is a good guy what if this is a good thing? HELP


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  • just text him!


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  • There's a girl I really like and I'm thinking of giving up exactly for that reason, she never initiates the texting even though she always responds quickly when I do.

    I don't text her much, and she gives really good signs when we interact in person, this leaves me very confused! Is it a game? Too shy/worried to start? I think she's not interested.

  • If you don't text him you might regret it in the future. Taking a risk is better than wondering what might have been.


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