Ex unfriended me on fb. Why?

I broke it off with him because he never actually commit to me after dating for a year and said he wants to move in 2 months. He unfriended me on fb and i feel like the bad guy now and feel guilty:(He hurt me and i did what i thought is best. It was hard for me to break it off with him because i still love him and miss him everyday. Fter the break up i didn't contact him at all and he didn't contact me. He unfriended me 4 days after i broke up with him. why did he do that?:(


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  • He's an ex. Removing each other from each other's lives, especially social media is not uncommon, especially if one person decides it's an easier way to move on without the constant reminder.

    Besides, while he's your ex, why do you worry so much whether or not he's still on your Facebook? Is there a reason you need to have access to him on social media to see what he's up to or for him to see what you're up to?

    Facebook deleting seems to be the new age insult, and frankly I'm surprised that people still question why people come and go off their social media pages, especially when they are no longer really active in your life anymore. I can understand deletions made because there was a fight with no chance of reconciliation, if someone becomes your boss and they need the privacy, and breakups. Usually those three don't even need the explanation! I would wonder if there are sudden deletions made between friends or relatives when there seemed to be no cause for action.

    Otherwise, exes don't need to be buddies anymore. Maybe it's because I'm 40 and don't get how people in their teens and 20s think it's important, but to me, it's the past, and the person is gone. I don't mean that you need to be enemies, and can't say hello if you happen to see each other, but this whole Facebook stuff about keeping the friend count up or needing to be in contact is not really warranted. Also, the next guy you date will thank you for not keeping him on your friends list as new loves usually like to think you've moved on and don't need the reminder of having an ex hanging around on your page.

    • thank you for your answer! I agree with you! But it's just he's making me feel like i did something wrong. He could've said sorry and could have done things to fix our relationship but he just unfriends me.

    • Well that part of it sounds pretty childish, but hey - people are all different when it comes to breakups and so many people often take it badly, almost a little too badly where they become pretty dramatic. You bruised his ego, so he had to get you back somehow. If he knows you love your Facebook, then to him, he probably hit you where he knew it would affect you. Let him just be a nice little memory before anything gets any worse. I'm pretty sure if you're still single for a while, he'll get over his little mantrum and send you a friend request back, should you be so inclined to accept it! But it sounds more to me like he just did you a favour.


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  • oh well... coz of da break-up obviously... maybe he''ll regret it after some time... who knows? :-)

  • Cause he is pissed, hurt and wants u to know

    • so i did the wrong thing?:(

    • I am not saying that if i read it right he is moving away. did he ask u to go with him?

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  • He's immature!

    • you're right. He actually is.