Is it normal that I am super attracted to German girls, especially Bavarian girls?

I am a British American who was born in the United Kingdom but moved to the United States when was nearly one year old, so I think I am quite Americanized.

Unlike the majority British people, my family is totally Roman Catholic, and I am in the University of Notre Dame.

I have some German friends, chiefly from Munich, Greater Munich Area, or at least Bavaria. All of them are males, and I have no female German friends now.

These several months I have been super attracted to German girls, and sometimes I even want to study abroad in Germany to get a German girlfriend. Preferably a Bavarian girl, but more importantly I want a German girlfriend. If I cannot study abroad, I even want to work in Germany so that I have more chances to find a German girlfriend.

It is great to live in small towns on the East Coast and American girls are really hot, but I am just attracted to German girls.

Is it normal or abnormal that I am super maniac on German girls? What do German girls think about American guys? And are they cheerful like American college girls, or more reserved and look serious like the stereotype of German people?


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  • i'd assume it's just yer taste... personally i prefer russians :)


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  • It's totally normal.


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  • Everyone has their preference, so congratulations your human.

  • Every person have their own choice.