I can't attract girls my own age...

I'm 21 years old, and a virgin, I've never even kissed a girl. I have no job, and can't keep one. I'm frustrated that I'm a virgin, and it seems very unlikely that I'll ever get the kind of woman I want, and I'm desperate, because I need love. Somehow, I don't attract my own girls my own age. I don't get it. None of them like me, even if I try my best. So I often go for the younger girls, because at least I have a better chance. I never have molested a little girl, never! I want to though, I'm truly desperate. I want to hold a little girl in my arms, and tell her I love her, and that I'll keep her safe, and protect her, that appeals to me greatly. Don't get me wrong, I really do want a girl my own age, but I want someone to protect, to defend (because I'm such a romantic), but I have no idea why I'm drawn towards little girls.


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  • Let's take a step back here. You saying you want someone under age isn't wrong but I wouldn't go out on a website and say you wanna Molest a young girl it could get you in trouble(just stating a point). First thing first there is nothing wrong with you in the sense you are a virgin at 21, you shouldn't be desperate about having sex. I am younger then you and I can honestly tell you It's better you wait until you find the girl of your dreams. Sex isn't something you wanna do with a random girl . You need to believe in yourself before someone else can believe and trust in you. I think you best form of action is to do what's best for you in life may that be school or work, But you need to get past fantasizing about girls under 18 because that will get you in trouble. Stop looking for love it will come to you.


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  • Uh, how little are they?

    Hm. That's a bit weird. I think you should stop thinking about romance and join a club or something.


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  • The word "molest" raises a red flag. If you have impulses to do things which are potentially illegal and harmful, you should seek professional counseling or therapy immediately. They will be able to help you cope with those issues.

  • How much younger are you talking about? Lots of guys date younger girls.

    • I mean girls below the age of consent.

    • I'm aware of laws in the area, and they aren't strictly enforced and vary widely depending where you live. I'm talking about the age gap between you and the girls you like.