Is this normal in a relationship? Are we turning into friends? What do I do?

My relationship with my 1 year boyfriend is like this: We text each other good morning and i love you then we go through the whole day not talking. He is off much earlier than I am but I am also able to text at work if its slow. I call him when I get off work, we decided whether were hanging out or not. We see how each others day is and we get off the phone. If I see him, I drive to him, we watch a movie, grab some grub and fall asleep or get physical then go to bed, I then leave at 2 in the morning and go home. Then the days we dont see each other we dont talk most the night I call him we chat for a bit say goodnight and start all over again. We play on a soccer team some nights, we will go out maybe once a month, or some nights we run errands. We say I love you and I miss you everyday. But he never says anything deeper than that. I tell him all the time that I need more of him in an emotional way he gets annoyed says I need to stop talking about the same thing. I tell him he is the air I breathe and I want foreve with him, He says nothing really and i ask if he feels that way he says "yeah". He says his actions speak for him he doesn't say how he feels, I told him he will lose me if he doesn't open up and he says okay. So what is this like sometimes I feel like were just best friends who are attracted to each other. like there is no romance... what do i do to save my relationship when he sees nothing wrong with it.


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  • Relationships should be feel like friendships... With a little extra.


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  • it is normal.