Do you bother talking to guys/girls with no pic showing on online dating profile?

Basically I'm curious I know that on online dating sites if you do not having a pic its pretty useless. A guy I used to to talk to had a few pics up but deleted his account. He created a new one but this time no pics. Question to girls? Do you respond or bother talking to guys Who have no pics up? Guys, do you still attempt to reach out to girls even though you know they can't see your pic? Why bother being online with no pics? Do people even respond or are you just secretly searching till you see someone you like and then just put up a pic?

Also girls do you reach out to guys? Or mostly wait in messages from them first?


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  • when it comes to online dating, a picture is EVERYTHING. literally everything.

    • Right so why do you think people don't bother with one? I mean especially men since they reach out the most? Why bother creating an account and going online daily? Do some guys think reaching out without a pic might still get them a response.

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    • I guess the guy I was referring to used to have pics up but when he created his new account after deleting the old one he's online daily but no pics.. Just figuring out if some just look until they find someone interesting

    • oh you know what that could be it too. but i don't see why not just keep a pic up the whole time? cause a girl could potentially find him first lol.


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  • sure... we could ahve a friendly chat :)

  • I don't do online dating but if a girl sounded interesting from her profile I'd message her even if she had no pitcures. I wouldn't really start talking to her until she showed me a pitcure though.

  • No. I figure that there is a reason that there is no picture. The most likely is that the woman is still married. (40-60% of people on dating sites are married)


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