Why are white girls looked down on for interracial dating and not white guys?

So I'm a Pakistani and I'm talking to a white girl and we really like each other but she doesn't want to make it official because she's worried about what her dad and brother would think, I've dated a lot of girls before and have never had this problem, what should I do?


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  • because some white guys feel like "their" women shouldn't leave their dating pool because if go, there will be no one left for them. Guys are generally like this though. They can have loads of sex, while women cannot. They can go and date whatever race they want, while women cannot. Lots of double standards and shaming tactics to keep women in line and obedient.

    • So true, I kno a lot of white guys that hook up with a lot of girls outside of their race and get mad when their sisters do it,

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  • If standards are good, double standards MUST be twice as good, ain't it? :D

  • Where do you get this from? You are drawing this conclusion based on one white girl you know? What if I knew one Pakistani guy and he was a compulsive liar and smelled funny, should I then figure that all are that way?

    • I know a lot of non white guys who go through the same stuff lol we don't just make this shit up, I'm assuming your white and have never been through this problem so you think it doesn't exist huh? Like racism, ever been through that? Exactly so shut ur mouth about things you don't kno about

    • Actually I've been to countries where I was the only white guy in sight, so I do know about things. What you say may or may not be true but basing your statement on one experience is just plain stupid.

    • And from your comments you seem to be revealing more about why girls won't go out with you, and it doesn't have to do with ethnicity.

  • You should ask your girl about their culture, traditions, rules... so that when you're finally meeting them, they'll notice that you behave by their rules, and they see that you're willing to change your habits so...