My older boyfriend is making me broke?

My boyfriend doesn't really have a good salary but when we were first dating he was paying for everything and taking me out to nice places. Whether it would be at the park or the ocean. I offered to pay at times but he always said no. It seems like he would try very hard to impress me! Now he doesn't really put much effort anymore and always takes me to his house instead. I enjoy it but it's something we do everyday now. Now I've been driving us to school, work, paying for gas, food, utilities for him, and gas money for his car. I began to make a pretty good amount and now it's all gone. I'm not a cheap person because I love to give to others and homeless people too including my boyfriend but he is sucking me dry where I'm a little late on my bills. He hasn't offered to pay not once and anywhere he mentions he wants to take me I'm the one paying... I am not sure how to bring this up to him. I need to be a little more responsible but I feel so bad because he has taken me out a lot. It feels ridiculous because he is 30 years old and I am 23. What can I do?


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  • You just need to say things like, "sorry, I have no money" or, "sorry, I spent all my money taking you out last time and filling your car with gas." Ultimately, love doesn't pay the bills. So if this continues I say to dump him. He is using you and is not respecting his financial responsibilities.


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  • You need to just let him know that you are behind on bills are are broke for a while.
    Even if you have money tell him you are poor and can't afford anything for a while, that will make him start to realise that you can't afford to pay alone.

  • what can you do?

    wise up and stop being a doormat for starters. He will continue to take advantage as long as you let him. The relationship won't last if you continue to baby him, so whats the harm in confronting him?


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