No Forever or Just for Now?

I asked a guy out and he said no, but then called 5 minutes later to say that we were on two different boats and that his focus has to be on school. Then went on to say that he wasn't looking for anyone special and that he didn't want things to change between us. And when he said no, he said it right away. So this is why I'm mainly confused. He said no without even thinking, so why call. Is he saying no to dating forever or just for right now?


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  • i can't answer for this guy, but I would say to stay around for a while, he might be up to it later on. In the meantime, try to get closer to him, make him think that you are so special, he can't even have an excuse not to go out with you.


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  • It may or may not be a permanent "no", simply because nobody here can read his mind. It sounds like it could be though--no does mean no, especially for a guy. But don't let this faze you. He was kind enough to let you know his reasoning, which possibly leaves the door open to friendship if nothing more. Best of luck.


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  • He is saying no forever. Respect his decision. Remain friends but don't do it just because you want to date him. Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot; if you said no to guy and he was constantly breathing down your neck, wouldn't you get put off by him? I think he phoned you to explain because he didn't want to hurt your feelings but a simple no. Also remember that guys aren't like girls - they say what they mean. So don't overanalyse it.