I can't commit to anything in life!/?

Im turning 23 and can't commit to anything in fuckin life, i cant! hobbies, friends, i never had sex or a relagtionship cause i can't fuckin commit, i live at home, i dont have my license yet cause i keep changing schools, i keep changing this or that, im a girl, but im realllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy INDECISVE! HELP


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  • I feel you. Is there any reason why you think you'd be this way? Unstable family background? Abuse? Bad experiences? For me it's mainly having my heart get broken constantly. One can only take so much before you need some "time out". But I think in your case it's something else that is holding you back...

    • Oh and I also don't have my drivers license yet cause I failed it twice and fuck that ^^

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  • hahhahhah don't wory u r not alone... and license's not essential :)


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