Can you feel bad for being attracted to someone who looks very young?

I met him online he says he's 23 and from fb and what he says he has to be 22 at least. But he looks 17/18. I'm 24 and look about 17/18 myself. But obviously I feel 24. I feel attracted to him but at the same time, he looks such a kid that I think I'd feel bad to do something physical with him, like just kissing. Does this mean there's no attraction? I'm so confused.


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  • You again lol

    Why don't you go ahead and kiss him first instead of making up stuff inside your brain. Stop thinking and see where actions lead you. Maybe he's a good kisser and it will feel very good. Maybe not. But at least you will KNOW, instead of assume.

    • Haha yes me again. Lol ok ill try that


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  • You rally can't answer your question by contemplating it in your head. You need to meet him and see how you feel when you are face-to-face. Then you'll know.

    • I've met him face to face and it was like I wanted to cuddle with him and kiss him but felt he was too innocent for that. He's shy as well.

    • I liked this other guy previously who was 2 years younger (he 21 and me almost 23). I thought of him the same way until he started suggestively touching my hand, hugging etc.

    • It sounds like you have some attraction to him. When he gets over his shyness, he may become amorous and assertive and who knows where that might lead?

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  • No, he's just baby faced.
    Why would I feel bad?
    It's not like he actually is underage.

  • I saw this question earlier lol. I've got the same answer. Just go for it :)