CONFUSED Why does he want proof?

My ex broke up with me a month ago saying that he wants to focus on his studies n dosent have time for love or relationships last wk i accidentaly called him he text me n i told him sorry mistake n we talked n i told i moved on already n he told me he did to with a girl n when i told him about my guy he replied with a im a scare on ur life when u kiss him ull see my face n now he wants proof of me kissing him but if he likes that other girl why does he want proof? We only had 10 months he ended it on the annaversity of the 10th month but could he still like me n not the other girl i kinda miss him but not much he said he's not ready to be with the other girl but that he likes her a lot n when we where talking posted a pic on IG like wtf i dont know why is he making it harder on me


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  • oh well... he was clear i guess no? was this pic with the gal he was mentioning?


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  • men are like that.