How can I make this work?

I started dating this guys a few weeks ago and everything it's going well or so i think. He has a baby and he lives with him, he is a really reponsible guy and i guess i can say he is a keeper and i would like to make it work i'm just afraid that i do something wrong as this is my first time dating someone with a kid and in all honesty i'm not the greates with kids. I'm trying my best and i do actually like them both him and the baby has won my heart but at times i just feel like the baby doesn't really likes me or accepts me, i mean know he is just a baby but pretty much without the babies "approval" i'm afraid this won't get very far. What can i do to be able to be great with kids... Please i take any suggestions i really want them both to stay and be part of my life.


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  • How old is the baby?

    • 11 months

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    • thank you much, that was really helpful

    • Not a problem! Good luck!


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  • oh well... y don't u be str8-forward, and ask if he wants u to b together?


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  • It takes time for the baby to get used to you!

    • so this is just a transition? every time i carry him he just wants to go back to his dad