you dont need to read if u dont care u can skip to all caps, but pretty much i have a rep of being really good at making out (hu is what we call it so thats how ill abbreviate for the rest of the story) and I've never actaully hu with a guy just a really quick kiss so I don't know its a long story how i got that rep but a bunch of guys always try to hu with me but i never have bc im super picky but finally the one guy i want to hu with wants to were going out tm night and planning on it so besides the basics on like how to lean in i dont really know what im doing please anyone EXPLAIN EXACTLY WHAT GIVE ANY TIPS/ TRICKS WHATS WORKED WEEL FOR U? GUYS- WHAT DO U LIKE WHEN A GIRL DOES? PLEASE BETWEEN FIRST KISS STORIES TO ADVICE ILL TAKE ANYTHING. thanks in advance!!!

what do u like a girl to do with her tongue? i heard guys don't like it when u just circle around there's so.. what do you do?


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  • You don't need to really know much. Just hold your mouth about halfway open and relaxed, and follow his lead. Guys and girls have been naturally figuring these things out for thousands of years now!

    • thank you!

    • When I was 14 years old, there a girl, "Kristen," I was going to see at her house the following day. I had just met her, and I knew we were going to be making out. So, I had two older friends. They were 18 years old (we went to a very small private school together) - "Eric" and "Priscilla". Eric had arranged for me to meet the girl I was going to see, so after school, he and Priscilla asked if I knew how to french kiss. I told them I really didn't know how, so after school, Priscilla taught me how, with Eric watching. But, she was extremely unattractive. She was fat, pasty, covered in freckles, had an afro, had just finished eating McDonald's french fries and smoking cigarettes. YUCK!! I almost puked! But, it did help me for the following day, and my first enjoyable makeout session - until her parents drove up, and I had jump out of her upstairs bedroom and hang drop to the lower porch, up over a fence, and out of there!!

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  • Kiss SLOW and PASSIONATELY.. Biggest mistake girls make is they kiss too hard and fast, probably out of nervousness..

  • I always think with kissing is you just need a bit of practise and after a week or two you will be flying

    • i don't have a week or two if I'm bad i have no chance and it will get all around!!

    • Don't overthink it just do what feels natural

  • Read a Cosmo.


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