I keep embarrassing myself in front of my crush, should I just give up?

I always embarrasse myself in front of the guy I like. Sometimes I say something stupid. I don't mean to, I'm not trying to be weird. But when I talk to him I say dumb stuff and I feel like he doesn't like me anymore.
im also not the mos graceful person in the world, but I know guys like super graceful model like girls. Once I was wearing a skirt and felt really cute. For the first time things were going really well. But of course this huge gust if wind came and my whole skirt flew up. I know he saw my underwear because he got kid if awkward.
another time we decided to play Marco pollo in the dark. Once again we were having fun it was going well until he started I get close to me. Until eventually he grabbed my boob. It was so awkward and he kept apologizing, and I felt so bad.
im wondering if ie had too many awkward I counters and should just give up?


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  • whoa... did he grabbed yer boob ON PURPOSE?

    • I don't think so, it was probably just cause we were playing Marco pollo

    • don't swear it 8)


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  • Lol, it happens. I've embarrassed myself infront of my crush countless of times. Just be honest with him so the awkward embarrassing faze can die out.

  • No, keep trying.

  • just keep going.