Does he want something with me or is he playing mind games?

So we met a year ago at work. At first he was a little mean to me but eventually we became friendly. When we met he had just moved to this state and was broken up with his long time girlfriend. He made it clear he kinda still had feelings for her and wanted to be single. So we started to hang out as frieds. He would always ask me to stay the night and i would say no. One day things got hot and we made out, touched and almost had sex. I stopped him and i said i didn't want sex. He was ok with that, but at the end of the night he told me he enjoys my company but he didn't want us to always be sexual. Ever since he did not want to hang out with me. ...
I would come around his desk once in a while and talk to him, but he would blantaly ignore me. He went home for Christmas and kinda made up with his ex, but she didn't know if she wanted to move to our state. The i added him on FB but he would nto accept me, everytime i asked him about he would say he would rarely get on FB but it was a lie... then i stopped going to his desk, because i was tired of him ignoring me. Weeks later he accepted me on fb, not only did he accept me but he also sent me requests for like 4 consecutive days... I notice that he had deleted his ex and pictures of her on fb by the time he accepted me.

I know he knew his friend likes me and never told me, he wanted to pair me up with his roommate but then started making excuses to not introduces us.

He gives me all sorts of stares!!! he stares from far with a dreamy face, he gives me intense stares when i'm talking to other guys, when i catch him staring he looks away right away, he can't hold my gaze or look me n the eye. he stares from the corner of his eye when i pass by him, he turns around to look when he hears my voice. He has even change the tone of voice he uses with me. Now he talks to me in a very sweet manner, with a low tone and very nicely. He makes an effort to engage in a conversation with me.
We are both 24.
At the beggining of everything i always told him i liked him as a friend only. i said that because i liked his personality but i couldn't get pass his physical. I am ready to start something with him but i'm confused about his behavior. i don't want to be played or waste my time.


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  • oh well... he's shy it seems... and by the way he talks 2 u it seems, that he's considerin u SPECIAL... :)


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  • Ask him honestly can we be something or what

  • Considering the length: Mind games.

    • what do you mean by the length?

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  • i think he likes you for real.