Does instant connection exist? Will I meet a girl I immediately connect with Or do I have to create it? Share your story if so?

There are girls I have immediately felt comfortable with as friends. I can talk to them no problem. Even some girls I was very comfortable with and would have dated if possible. How likely is it that I will meet someone I immediately have a connection with. Also can I feel a connection with someone even if I'm quiet. Share your story if you've met someone you had an immediate connection with.


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  • This question has come at a perfect time lol. I use to believe you had to make connections and get to know people before you can start to really like them... until I met this guy two months ago. It was an INSTANT connection, within a week of talking, we felt feelings we had never felt before... I mean I'm telling you it was intense, we felt like we were falling in love and it was such a magical, beautiful feeling. I never believed in any of that stuff before I met him. Unfortunately he has some relgious issues to deal with from his parents, and so for now he wants to be just friends... but if he didn't have strict religious parents or if he had balls to stand up to them... we would be together right now, happy.

    • Was it easy to talk and stuff. Did he approach you or was like a mutual 50/50 meeting that was both of you approaching each other

    • He approached me and made the first move and from there on.. the rest was absoulouty magical. We would just laugh all the time. He worked at the place I went to, and one day it just clicked between us. It was like talking to somebody I had known for 10 years, within that week, we BOTH were being open about everything in our lives. He even stated he had never felt this comfortable before, that he hadn't felt those kind of feelings in a long time, and that he wanted to marry me and how happy I made him. It is an incredible feeling of just pure joy and happiness. I hope you'll get to experience it. You'll just KNOW that your experiencing it. Trust me.


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  • Instant connection is a very rare thing to find.
    Most of the time throughout your life, you will have to create the connection and truly build it as if each gesture, charming line, delightful conversation and demonstration of trust is one brick constructing an exquisite, sturdy mansion. However, if you are lucky enough, there may be someone whom you meet and it's almost as if the connection is already there, patiently waiting for you two to finally stumble upon it.

    Despite all of the wonderful, handsome men I have met and dated: that type of connection has only happened to me once. It was literately the stuff that movies are made of! There was some sort of magnetic pull. As soon as we placed eyes on each other, we kinda just knew that there was something very special there. Back then, I was very quiet and shy so it's possible :)

    • That's makes me hopefully and also give me strength to build a connection thank you

    • You're welcome :)
      Don't try to find it, it will find you. When it happened to me, I had no plans or intentions of even finding a guy to date.

    • I know I'm just tired of waiting but I know it will happen 😕

  • Yeah, this has happened to me before.

  • It's possible but not with everyone you meet


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  • basically wid MOST gals... u need some time. so be patient bro :)

    • Ok that's getting difficult though lol I've never had a girlfriend.