Date to marry?

Ive always kinda thought that if I looked at a guy (personality,appearance, etc.) and couldn't see myself marrying him then its stupid to go out with him. Lately though I've been wondering if maybe I should go out with them to give them a chance. what do you think?


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  • Of course you should! omg not all guys are as they seem. But my ex was totally perfect on the outside he was geourgouse and we were the cutest couple but he was so ugly inside it just didn't work I broke up with him within the month. the inside is what seriously counts and the face is important but style and stuff you can totally change that!

  • Your still young so you should do it to see what its like. I mean if you date someone that you couldn't see yourself marrying later on down the road your opinion might change about them and it would benefit you for sticking with him. You should give them a chance you never know what could happen.