Are we going as a couple or just as friends?

Ok so I can't tell if it's a date or not with this guy.. long story short I've been having a thing with this guy for a year now. At first it's been casual and strictly hooking up, but now he's been asking to hang out in public with me, too. For the entire year, he's always been steady about seeing me and I pretty much leave it up to him to initiate everything. We started seeing each other afte rhe broke up with his long term girlfriend so it was obvious he wasn't going to jump into another relationship right away. Of course, it wasn't planned we'd see eachother for this long! It was supposed to be one hook up and a "never see you again" goodbye. For the past couple months I can 100% tell we're getting closer and he's calling more and such. Like if I'm not available on a certain day and joke around saying I'm "already stolen", he wants to know who is it and jokes about saying he should be a priority.

He asked me to a big all day outdoor concert, just me and him. We're paying for both our own tickets ($100 each os it's not cheap) and he's driving the 2 hours there and back. He's been staying on top of it making sure I can still come and everything. Great thing is we love the same type of music. Not sure if it's a friend thing or if he's (hoping) to take it to the next level and see how we get along together. And any advice is appreciated :)


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  • Me thinks he wants a relationship


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  • i think a couple!