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Iv been with this guy for about two and a half weeks. We have been text a lot recently because he broke his ankle. And can't go anywhere really. So he asked me to go to his house and spend the night with him. But I bailed on him because I just got with him and I didn't want to seem like a hoe. Was I wrong to? But now I can't see him because his mom came home. Now he doesn't text me as much as he use to or call. His ankle is still broken and he can't go anywhere but I miss spending time with him. What do I do? I don't want him to break up with me...(guys help would be nice)


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  • My best advice as a man would be: set a night with him to be together. Obviously, this is not a good advice taking in account that he stopped texting you right after you rejected the possibility to spend the night with him. Girl, if he really want to be with you, he needs to understand you. If he looks for you even after you did not want to spend the night with him, that means that he is really interested and at certain point he might start falling in love with you. But if he doesn't that means that his purpose since the beginning was just to take you to bed. so now, my real advice is that if you want him to take you seriously, wait a while before going to bed with him. Don't say yes just because you don't want him to break up with you. I hope it helped, good luck.


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  • If he likes you and wishes to be your best mate, then he should text you and ask why you did not come round & then you should tell him that you like him, but it too quickly to be with him alone in his home. He should be OK with this if he has any real feelings for you at all.

    Both side of lovers need to talk and be able to feel that they can talk over any item with out any one getting mad about a subject.

  • i say you should just go visit him. you don't have to spend the night if you don't want to.


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