Dating a guy with no car, job, or money..?

OK this guy I'm talking to has no car, job or money..I really like his personality and he is attractive. I always want to hang out with him but its hard because I know I would be the one using my gas or paying for everything we do. I know I could just go to his house every once in a while but that might get what do I do?


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  • I'm a guy with no job , no cash and no car ..I'm also 39 years old with a 4 year old son .

    Any takers ?

    I'm also a guy who lost his business in the recession through partial fault of my own but mainly through the economic downturn.

    Also I have always loved and been there for my son and could say he saved me when I've gotten down in the last few years.

    I've made plenty of mistakes and don't think life is possible without them.

    But I believe that while I created (one way or another )the situation I am in , I am also going to change it by hopefully reopening my business next year after 3 years and come out better for it. It has not made me disillusioned or bitter.In fact it has given me more empathy for people and made me wake up to some harsh realities that I might never have realised.

    Everybody has some obstacle course or another to get through and its how you get through those circimstances that youve created or have been thrown upon you that counts.

    After reading this and after not really chancing my arm with a girl in a long time I'm going straight out next week with as much money as I can get together and asking a girl called Audrey out...


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  • If this guy is a student, having no car or job is perfectly acceptable. If he isn't a student, he is a bum. I wouldn't get hung up on the car - it's not necessary to live in a lot of places. However if he doesn't study and has no job, he does nothing effectively.

    If a person has no drive to do something with their life I instantly find them extremely unattractive.

  • Forget about him until he gets a job otherwise you're lusting after a loser.

  • How about dating someone who has a little thing called self-respect and maturity.

    Now if he's a student, and he's obviously tight on money, then you should invite him to do activities that require little to know money. Like picnics, hiking, playgrounds, watching dvd's at home. The only thing you'll have to pay for is gas, and that's not so bad.

  • it all depends on his ambition. Is he happy with no car, job, or money? Or did he just lose his job and go broke temporarily. If you really like him, try to make it work. whatever you do, don't try to change him. guys never truly change. they just mask themselves until ur not looking. and that is only if they like you. you will be lucky to get that.

  • Don't be superficial. Maybe he is a victim of the economy and can't get a job. No job means no money for things like a car. If you really like him, there's plenty you two can do that's free. Movies at home, eating in, walks around a park.. Bike rides to cool places, etc.


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  • I think armyguy has it right. That situation sucks, but pay more attention to his goals. If he's actually trying to get a job or save up money or something, then at least he's going in the right direction. You can know that he has higher standards for himself.

    On the other hand, if he's content to just sit around at home and play videogames all day or something, that's not a good sign. You need to make sure you wouldn't be the only one making all the effort in the relationship.

    Basically once you really think about it, you'll know whether it would be worth it or not.

  • Have you spoken to him about it?
    I mean not being funny, I've worked my butt off for 2 years for next to no pay and all I have to show for it is a car I can't afford and hardly anything to show for it. Maybe there's more than meets the eye.

    Of course, strangers might know the complete answer, but just a crazy thought to try speaking to him.

    • p. s. I just lost one of my jobs. But my point is, you haven't really given us the full story so do you even know it yourself?

  • I've been with a man for thirteen years who's only worked for only six months. We live together and I left him twice. I hate him

  • Personally, I don't worry too much about money, but if this guy is not working, not in school, and unable to take care of me, I probably would feel as if he's just trying to leech off of me. If he's trying and you see him trying to establish himself, then I think you should just keep trying, but if he isn't trying and is just sitting around watching you work, sorry, but move on

  • hell no. please raise your standards lol. if he has no car, no job, no money how are you going to date? he can't take you out anywhere and you'll be paying for everything and doing all the driving. and if he needs rides you'll be the first person he asks. he'll ask you for money...its just not a good situation. do you have other options? if you do I would take those.