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About a month ago, after talking for a week, this guy I met on Tinder & I mutually decided to meet up. We went out, talked for hours and had a great time. I went to see him with no expectations, but he was genuine. So, the next day we're texting and he stops just to call me and ask me out again for that night. And it pretty much spent everyday together for last few weeks. Days off, after work.. we made time to see each other. Well, two weeks ago, a few of my friends, myself and him went to this really upbeat bar. While a few of us ladies went to the bathroom, one of friends was talking to him - about me. He told them he really likes me, I bring out the true him and he's happier than he's been in over a year. When I was told this I was over the moon, because I tried to keep feelings of my own down so I could keep myself from getting hurt if it didn't work or something. Anyway, a week later my friend told me he had a plan to ask me out - it was extravagent & she was happy I found someone who cared so much about me. Unfournately, the night that should've happened (which I learned later on) I had a family emergency arise. I did get to see him the next day, and it was obvious he was upset that he didn't get to go through with it (he's like me, his emotions are written on his face).
To sum this up, I confessed my feelings to him (to get the ball rolling), he took it well and broke into this huge smile. He told me the same thing he told my friend (that he doesn't think I know). The issue though, his ex-fiance hurt him by cheating with several guys, and not that he thinks I will but he doesn't want to get hurt again. I told him I understand, I had a cheating ex, but I'm choosing to work on things with you because I deserve happiness, as do you. He said he wants a relationship with me, just doesn't want to rush. He wants us to keep doing what we're doing, til we're both ready.

Now, I believed this, but a guy friend of mine said he's playing me. What do y


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  • Play it by ear for now, but honestly dont expext much from him


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  • i think he's playing you.