I really like women with pixie short hair. Tips to avoid any more awkward situations where I accidentally hit on lesbians?

I've always had an overwhelming attraction to petite women with very short hair (not buzzed/shaved/bob, but pixie cuts mostly). It's not that I'm unattracted to women with long hair, but if I see girl with the right short haircut, I can't take my eyes off her. I didn't understand all this when I was in high school, but as I've gotten older, I've tried to embrace it more.

I've made a point to try and talk with more short haired women over the last year, and each of the 3 times I have, all but one has ended poorly. The first girl was very kind, and let me know she was a lesbian quietly, I apologized and that was that. The most recent 2, unfortunately, were not as humane.

While several months apart, both were pretty similar situations actually. I got to know each of them, asked them to dinner, and both dates went well. When I tried to ask the first girl out on a second date, she flipped and called me an ugly pig. I guess she thought I should've picked up on the fact she was lesbian, but honestly, I couldn't tell. I tried to respectfully apologize, but she was having none of it. The latest girl I took on a date acted about the same when I asked about a second date, but also decided to spread nasty shit around my workplace about it too. Something like I had a weird thing for trying to bone lesbians, which absolutely is NOT the case. I'm very pro-gay marriage, and it's bothering me immensely to be accused of being less then open-minded.

I'd prefer to find a girl who currently has, or has already had short hair. I feel that if I were to date a girl with longer hair, and then later ask her about cutting her hair shorter, she might be weirded out.

So, is there something you think I should do differently? What are you thoughts on my situation? Girls, how would you feel if a guy you were dating told you about his preference for short hair?

I'm interested to hear everybody's thoughts on this. Thanks!


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  • I guess your one of a kind, most guys like long hair. I have short hair and I'm straight. I think you just have to keep trying. Try looking into there styling. Also if you flirt with a straight girl she should blush and get embarrassed. Also see if she flirts back. There are plenty short haired girls that are into guys


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  • Why not try going for a girl that you like, based on more than her haircut, and then telling her she'd look sexy with the cut you prefer? It may not work, but it's probably a better approach?


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  • Dude, you might really like short hair, but dont get too attached! Its just hair, and even straight girls with short hair may want to experiment with long/medium length hair.. Its just a style.. Id be pretty hard up if the only type of girl liked wore stilettos and low cut dress for every situation not matter how inappropriate.